Vintage seamstress recreating wartime clothing from the 1940s

During World War II, women made a huge contribution to the war effort taking on a variety of roles and bridging the gap left by men leaving for active service. Without these women, our lives today would be very different. Ordinary women did extraordinary things.

This was also an extraordinary period for fashion and clothing. The war years were a time of intense change politically, financially and economically, the affects of which where felt throughout the clothing industry. As adversity and austerity took hold, what people wore became dictated not by high fashion, but by government initiatives designed to control how garments were produced and how much was available. The effect on women’s fashion was far reaching, and is why I find the 1940s such a fascinating period in the history of women’s clothing.

At William and Tilda, I specialise in recreating the look of the era, in retelling the stories behind each style and exploring why garments looked as they did. I’m interested in where and how garments were worn… and how they wore out. Because how a garment wears reveals a story about the owner and how they lived their lives.

Browse through our collection and unfold the story behind each piece.

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